Athena's Application
Become a daily life token
Presently, there are numerous tokens in the cryptocurrency market which is generally traded only in the digital or DEFI world. Thus, we originally have the idea what if we can connect a digital finance with the real world, it’s gonna be so exceptionally good.
As of June 1, 2021, we have completely announced our 9 partners. They are all in the Automobile, Food and Restaurant, Lifestyle and Club industries. The token holders can go directly to our partners to get privilege using Athenas.
Still, it lacks the connection between a digital finance with the real world. Therefore, we are here to introduce our 3 products.
Athena's Application
Mobile application that provides 3 main features which ensure our Athenas Holders and the partners receive the best and also to strengthen the ecosystem of Athenas.
1. Athena's Pass
Athenas holders will be offered world class and luxurious privilege by our partners. There are types of membership categorized by number of Athenas tokens held. Details of this privilege will be officially announced soon. Please stay tuned.
2. Athena's SpringBoard
To offer more benefits to Athenas token holders, Athenas collaborates with our partners in issuing partner tokens and launched on Athenas platform. Athenas holders are able to stake and get the partner token.
The partner token can be spent in partners’ stores and others on Athenas ecosystem to maximize the use.
3. Athena's Marketplace
To expand user base, Athenas plans to launch the central marketplace. Here, each partner or store joining can use his/her own token to exchange goods and services. Other privilege in details will be announced very soon.
Good news! Our Athenas holders can smoothly enjoy these 3 features in this coming Q2-Q3 2021!.
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