Athena's NFT Art Project

By the end of 2021, the NFT market is booming. NFTs are being used in various fields such as art, gaming, as collectibles for high-quality art collectors from famous artists.

In 2022, athena's is seeing a wave of NFT trends and because we have connections with quality artists, to world-class artists. So we excited to create the NFT Art project in 2022.


The Athena's NFT Art project is a project that collects works from famous artists. that creates beautiful works that spell everyone's eyes Created as an NFT for artists. For NFT itself, we remain true to athena's dna, connecting the cryptocurrency with the real world By creating real art alongside NFT as well.

TONGJIT Art of Sharing

We have announced the first artist. "หมอต้องจิต (Mhor Tongjit)". which is an artist Top celebrity in Thailand The creator of the talisman who spoke to anyone would know. It is a merit making in NFT Art format. We will release the talisman of Mhor Tongjit soon, please stay tuned.

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