Transparency Center

Token and LP are Locked
All total supply is 100,000,000 ATHENAS and circulating in Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) as show: View on BSC Scan
90% (90,000,000 Athenas) of total supply is locked for 3 months for Liquidity Provider in PancakeSwap as shown here: View on DXLOCK
10% (10,000,000 Athenas) is reserved for our partners and private investors.
Transparency FAQ
Q: Why don’t we burn LP but lock it for 3 months instead?
A: We plan to enter the exchange and make ATHENAS can be used in real life in Q4. So we might revoke 10% tax system and re-distribute token to our products and exchanges.
Q: Why don’t we lock 5m token?
A: We will gradually announce our new partner in Q2-Q3. We need to have token on hands to let our partner hold the token in the partnership period to maintain the price and increase the ecosystem stability.